Recharge Your Health with MD Expertise

The innovative Leading Health Concept (“LHC”) offers personalized and comprehensive health concepts with a focus on holistic medicine and sustainable regeneration and prevention. Our team of doctors and specialists are experts in their field and tailor every detail individually to our guests.


Our programs are based on the principles of the modern Mayr Medicine and Therapy. Upon arrival, every guest undergoes a thorough medical assessment conducted by our certified MayrPrevent® MDs. Subsequently, a personalized regimen encompassing exercise, dietary adjustments, and specific treatments and sport programs is meticulously designed. The primary aim of the Leading Health Concept is to revitalize the body’s innate healing capabilities and replenish energy reserves. Its overarching objective is to foster a lasting shift towards a healthier lifestyle, safegaurding guest’s well-being while proactively warding off potential future ailments. 


The Leading Health Concept’s approach is designed to meet our guests individual requirements perfectly. Our array of medical programs offers distinct emphases, allowing our guest to tailor their experience with us to their specific needs. We meticulously craft the therapy plan, taking into account the current health status, intolerances, preferences, and goals. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we believe in providing personalized treatment that aligns perfectly with our guests distinct needs.

LHC Classic Program

The LHC Classic Program is the basis of every stay and at the same time the most individual program that is precisely tailerod to the body and health goals of our guests.

LHC Detox Program

Revitalise the body to restore and achieve maximum physical and mental vitality and balance.